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Paris Bistro Owners Are On A Mission To Save The City’s Je Ne Sais Quoi
ALAIN FONTAINE LEANS ON THE BAR AT HIS central Paris bistro, Le Mesturet, dodging trays in the hands of passing waiters. “A bistro isn’t just some place for a quick bite to eat,” he says, shifting to save his white chef’s coat from a glass of red win
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An Industrial City In Colorado Is One Of Dozens Across The U.S. That Are Trying To Power Themselves On 100% Clean Energy ...
Larry Atencio is steering his Ford Explorer through the streets of Pueblo, Colo., pointing out how the city is going green. There’s the site of a planned community solar garden in an up-and-coming neighborhood, a manufacturing plant for wind turbines
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An Unlikely White House Staffer Pulls Back The Veil
In 2012, Beck Dorey-Stein answered a cryptic Craigslist ad for a job in Washington. It turned out that the White House was looking to hire a stenographer. After landing the job, Dorey-Stein spent five years traveling the world with President Obama, t
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The U.K.’s ‘Brexit Dream’ Has Become A Waking Nightmare
“THE DREAM IS dying,” wrote Boris Johnson of Brexit in his letter to beleaguered Prime Minister Theresa May, resigning the post of Foreign Secretary. Her plan for leaving the E.U., he warned, will leave Britain with the “status of colony,” because it
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Trump’s Justice
PRESIDENT TRUMP HAD NARROWED HIS list of contenders for the nation’s highest court to four by the time Air Force One touched down outside Washington on July 8. But Trump wanted another sit-down with one candidate in particular. That evening at the Wh
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HBO Asks: What Was It Like To Be Robin Williams?
THE WORLD WAS STUNNED WHEN Robin Williams committed suicide in 2014 at age 63. But anyone who had ever seen Williams do stand-up—his ideas spiraling out in dazzling, free-association whirls—might have known that it couldn’t have been easy to live wit
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What’s Keeping Migrant Families Apart
THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS UNDER COURT orders to swiftly reunite the migrant families that were separated at the border under the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. But efforts to get even the youngest children returned to their parents s
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From Russia, With Love
OVER COLD BORSCHT IN A CHEAP CAFETERIA, THE narrator of Keith Gessen’s new novel, A Terrible Country, hears from one of his local companions that this is “real Russian cuisine.” Another one smiles and says, “It will give you a real Russian stomachach
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Dwayne Johnson Scales New Heights
MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE DWAYNE JOHNSON came up in the wrestling world—a theater of fake blood and simulated skull crushing—that we willingly believe he can do anything. Leap from a giant crane, a gazillion feet in the air, straight into the window of a sk
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Clare Smyth
The Northern Irish chef on being named Best Female Chef, underrated British cuisine and catering Meghan and Harry’s wedding
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News Ticker
Nerve agent kills woman in the U.K. British police have launched a murder investigation after a 44-year-old woman died from exposure to Novichok, the military-grade, Soviet-era nerve agent used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his dau
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Democracy Will Prevail
Mass migration, terrorism and economic woes are fueling authoritarians around the world. NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander on why government of, by and for the people will win again
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Tab Hunter
I MET TAB HUNTER WHEN I WAS ABOUT 14; ALL I KNEW WAS that he was this big movie star from back in the day. I didn’t really know of his history beyond that. But I was the only kid in Grease 2, and he was so kind to me. When everybody was hanging out t
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Peak Anxiety Makes Great Art
THIS IS A VERY SAD AND BEAUTIFUL STORY,” says Bo Burnham. We are watching an instructional video on how to tie a necktie. The narrator is pointing out the skinny and fat ends of the tie, and noting that choosing a length is a difficult step. It’s par
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WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ... GUN DIVIDE Readers were encouraged by the July 9 feature about a discussion project that brought together people on opposite sides of the political spectrum to talk about guns in America. Evlyne Sheltrown in Reed City, Mich.,
TIME2 min readPolitics
A Landmark Peace Declaration Between Ethiopia And Eritrea
WHEN THE LEADERS OF ETHIOPIA AND Eritrea came together on July 8, they smiled and hugged—nearly two decades of hostility disappearing into the space closing between them. At the summit in Eritrea’s capital, Asmara, the leaders agreed to end their riv
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Kavanaugh Will Right The Course Of The Court
“A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law,” said Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his speech accepting the nomination to replace his former boss Anthony Kennedy as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. This may sound
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The Great Escape
ON THE AFTERNOON OF JUNE 23, Peerapat Sompiengjai’s entire family waited for him to come home from soccer practice. Aunts and uncles gathered at the compound in Vieng Hom, a rural village where he and his best friends Tle, Nick and Note lived and pla
TIME2 min readPolitics
Scott Pruitt’s Successor At The EPA: A Similar Agenda Without The Scandals
ENVIRONMENTALISTS SPENT MORE than a year fighting for the dismissal of Scott Pruitt, accusing the Environmental Protection Agency administrator of being a corrupt ideologue who halted key regulations and prioritized the interests of polluters. So it’
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A Conservative Court Will Undoubtedly Target Roe
If appointed, Brett Kavanaugh will shift Supreme Court power rightward—with potentially dire consequences for women’s rights. Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that legalized abortion across the U.S., has become a litmus test for nominees. While liberal jud
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TIME with ... Lei Jun
Tech magnate Lei Jun founded the ‘Apple of the East.’ He’s also a casualty of Trump’s trade war
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What Mother Doesn’t Know
There may be nobody as vulnerable to manipulation as a mother worried about her child’s health. The question of whether we’re doing right by our kids cuts straight to the maternal heart. The problem is that in this age of marketing vs. activism, we’r
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The Strong, Clear Voice Of Ottessa Moshfegh
AN UNNAMED YOUNG woman—blond, beautiful, a graduate of Columbia University—hates everything and everyone in shiny, brittle Manhattan, circa 2000. So she decides to hibernate in her Upper East Side apartment for six months. Maybe, she thinks, if she s
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WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ... WELCOME TO AMERICA The July 2 cover story on the White House immigration policy separating families left readers sharply divided—especially about the photo-illustration on the cover, which showed a teary 2-year-old Honduran g
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Soldado Returns To The Border
EMILY BLUNT’S RIGHTEOUS FBI AGENT Kate Macer was the conscience and marrow of Denis Villeneuve’s 2015 drug war brutality fest Sicario. Although her job entailed plenty of encounters with headless or bullet-riddled corpses, her eyes always betrayed th
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The Inscrutable Melania Trump Is Redefining America’s Weirdest Job
IT WAS ALL MELANIA’S IDEA. THE STATEMENT REBUKING her husband’s immigration policy. The hastily arranged trip to the southern border. Even the jacket—oh, God, the jacket. From the beginning of her husband’s term, First Lady Melania Trump has been mys
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The Trans Retelling Of Jack Sheppard
In Confessions of the Fox, Jordy Rosenberg’s buzzy first novel, historian Dr. Voth discovers a suspicious manuscript that upends centuries-old assumptions about notorious jail breaker Jack Sheppard. The document reveals that 18th century street prowl
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Seven Moments From U.S. History That Matter Now
The dates most Americans remember (July 4, 1776, for example) work as shorthand for signal events. If change takes place across decades, individual moments remind us what came before and how we got to where we are. So, with Americans celebrating thei
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Amazon Primes Its Customers To Shop At Whole Foods
AFTER AMAZON ANNOUNCED THAT IT was acquiring Whole Foods Market last year, some integration between the two brands seemed inevitable. And aside from maintaining separate identities, they’ve almost fully melded: Amazon delivers Whole Foods groceries,
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TO BE KNOWN BY ONLY ONE name requires a certain degree of celebrity. Fittingly, at the time of her death on June 19 at age 46, Koko was perhaps the most famous ape in the world—a 280-lb. western lowland gorilla who did more than impress observers wit
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